PART TWO: Joni Ames Shepherd’s Rod 2010-2011


Joni Ames’ Shepherd’s Rod 2010 – 2011 (Part 2)

We are now to the other side of the time of Rosh Hashannah & Yom Kippur. It is believed to be when God’s people receive their “Shepherd’s Rod” – or prophetic “head’s up” and instructions – for the year ahead. It refers to the prophetic revelation and interpretation that the Lord releases on and around the Day of Atonement. – Basically, “New Year’s Prophecies” and instruction for His people.

Each of you has probably gotten yours, without realizing it. So I encourage you to go back over the past three weeks and journal what you have been going through, what God has been speaking to you, and the dreams you’ve had. Therein you will have what the Lord is speaking to you about for the coming year. – i.e., – YOUR Shepherd’s Rod!

I sent out “Part One” of mine last week, and this is Part Two from what the Lord gave me surrounding Yom Kippur this past weekend…..

I heard “Divine appointments = Divine appointing.”

As we are willing to deliberately set aside and make an “appointment” – i.e., an arrangement for a meeting; an interview time – with the Lord, we will experience the divine appointments we have been asking for. – As well as experiencing the divine APPOINTING (nonelective office or position) that He has for us!

He promises that, if we draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to us!

The Lord has been releasing a plethora of dreams lately. Keep track of them!

“Write in a book all those things that were told to you by the Lord.” (Jer. 30:2)

We must pay attention to them. In that, don’t be quick to ask someone else to interpret them. Ask God for yourself and don’t second guess yourself. OR Him!!!

“Now may the God of Hope FILL you with all JOY and PEACE in believing; that you may ABOUND in hope, BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” (Romans 15:13)

Restoration of hope in our lives will come through a deliberate warring and pressing through the smoke screen of panic attacks and depression the enemy has been throwing at the Body of Christ that many have been experiencing. Just remember – the weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal! They are MIGHTY in Him to pull down the enemy’s strongholds! (2 Cor. 10:4)

“I’ve been quiet long enough. I’ve held back, biting my tongue. But now I’m letting loose, letting go, like a woman who’s having a baby.” (Is. 42:14; The Message version)

There are many teachers in the Body who have been held back, held down, or otherwise restrained. But they are now being awakened and released – and arising to be heard. They are the “silent majority” who have been kept hidden and silent for awhile, but no longer will be. The Lord is restoring your gift, your love and your zeal for teaching, and giving to you brand new platforms. You will no longer be hidden and restrained. The Lord, Himself, is promoting you because you did not seek to promote yourself. Whereas before, no one heard you, now they will not only hear; they will listen intently and respect the gift that you are to the Body. God Himself will do it.

“The One who called you is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it!” (1 Thess. 5:24)

“There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.” (Phil. 1:6)

“The word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Heb. 4:12)

There is no easy way to say this to make it “politically correct.” If we do not know the Word and immerse ourselves in it, we will be in trouble in the days ahead. It has got to be our focus and our plumb line – for truly, it will be our LIFE line! The enemy is fighting for the souls of mankind, and trying to deceive and pull them off track. Being rooted and grounded in the Word of God gives us the greatest opportunity to survive the attacks and remain “sane” and “safe” in Jesus!

“You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3)

There is a lot of shaking and testing going on in the Body. It’s the Lord. Refining and shaking out what needs to be shaken. Don’t be afraid of this. Participate with God in it. Let Him even shake YOU out of where you are, if need be, to get you to where you need to be.

Also – speak up!!! Don’t acquiesce (accept, comply, or submit passively, without a fight) the authority the Lord has given to you! It’s time to speak up and deal with some things that you have been letting “slide.” God has given you authority. Use it or loose it.

The Lord showed me that there are even pastors and employers that He has been telling to “let go” of certain people and situations, but they continue to hold on, and in so doing, the purposes of God are being held back – for them and those people they are clinging to that need to be released.

He then said to me, “Tell them to let go of those I tell them to let go of, and only keep those on staff that I tell them to hold onto. For I want to give to them a Gideon’s army. An army with a heart of compassion, compatibility, and victory. An army that will serve and fulfill it’s purpose. In that, I am testing both sides.”

So He also says to those leaders:
“I have set you as an assayer and a fortress among My people, That you may know and test their way.” (Jer. 6:27)

He says to you just as He said to Gideon, “The people are still too many; bring them down to the water, and I will test them for you there. Then it will be, that of whom I say to you, ‘This one shall go with you,’ the same shall go with you; and of whomever I say to you, ‘This one shall not go with you,’ the same shall not go.” (Judges 7:4)

Do we hear this? There are some who cannot go with us where God is taking us! Maybe not because they are wrong or bad or any of that! Perhaps just because they have another destination in Him! We must free ourselves and others up to do what it is we each are called to!

For others, this refers to other types of relationships or friendships. Ask God. He will let you know if or how that applies to you.

These are some other scriptures for you on the topic:

“I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.” (Jer. 17:10)

I will bring the one-third through the fire, Will refine them as silver is refined, And test them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, And I will answer them. I will say, ‘This is My people’; And each one will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’ ” (Zech. 13:9)

Each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is. (1 Cor. 3:13)

Test all things; hold fast what is good. (1 Thess. 5:21)

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. (Rev. 3:10)

Trust your instincts! Don’t second guess yourself or God. Follow the Cloud – not the crowd!

Will we stand up for what’s right or what makes us popular? Too many have been beng “taken out” by the enemy.

“Do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” (Heb. 6:12)

Refuse the discouragement and lies of the enemy. This is a time to remain faithful, steadfast, and stubborn in our faith, so that we will finish well.

It’s the new year in Him. Time to get organized; simplify, keep things simple so that you may be ready to “go for it” when God gives an invitation or command to you to do so.

You can own things, but don’t let them own you. God has released you. Now it’s time to release yourself to enjoy the life and the calling upon your life that He has given to you.

Lately the “spirit of stupid” seems to have been released at new levels. We could all be subject to operate in it if we don’t “wise up.”

We can’t allow an opening to entertain any spirits of doubt, unbelief, unforgiveness, impatience, depression, fear, etc., in our lives that would allow the enemy ANY territory at all.

“(5) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; (6) In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” (Prov. 3:5-6)

“Proclaim this among the nations: “Prepare for war! Wake up the mighty men, Let all the men of war draw near, Let them come up.” (Joel 3:9)

The Shofar of the Lord is sounding – calling forth the mighty men to war on behalf of their families. Not WITH their families. – Rather, against the enemy, on behalf of their families. In prayer, and with words of love and blessings to their loved ones.

In part one, I shared with you about the finishing hammer story. Well, here is a “p.s.” about it…

I walked out the back door of my new place, and there was a fresh spider web that formed between two of the porch rails. In the midst – a huge, poisonous brown recluse spider. Without hesitation, I grabbed a can of hair spray and my finishing hammer. I sprayed the hairspray thick on that spider, to incapacitate it. It fell to the porch, and I hit it with my finishing hammer.

As soon as that happened, the Lord spoke to me and said, “That spider was symbolic of the poisonous lies – curses – that the enemy has tried to send your way to cause you to be a recluse; to hide and not fulfil the purpose for which you were born. That hammer is symbolic of My Word, with which you will crush and destroy those lies in your life and the lives of those I send you to. The hairspray was simply an added tool to help you in the process.”

“I place many things in your hands to help you when you need them. But it’s up to you to pick them up and use them at the appointed time. Don’t let warfare paralyze you. Rather, let it cause you to arise and be victorious in this time. I’ve appointed you to win. But it’s your choice as to whether you do that or give in to the lies of the enemy. Faith without works is dead. Show me your faith BY your works, just as James did.”

“Someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith BY my works.” (James 2:18)

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